Episode 079 – “The Meddling Monk”

As we catch up with what’s going on, we see the Monk preparing breakfast and bringing it to the Doctor, who he appears to be holding prisoner. But, hey, he’s feeding the man what looks like a decent breakfast, so that’s a thing.

Though I suspect he’s just trying to improve his Airbnb rating.

He shows wariness and due caution when bringing this food, though exactly why he snickers throughout is beyond me. Then he wakes up the Doctor who retaliates by throwing coffee at the man. Seems a bit rude, but there you are.

Meantime, Vicki and Steven are stuck foraging for food in the great outdoors, while at the same time trying to avoid everyone. Steven is continuing to insist they haven’t traveled through time which, given the evidence he’s seen so far, is not an unreasonable conclusion. Anyhow, they get captured quickly, so that ends that discussion.

As this goes on, the Monk is peering out at the sea, trying to see what he can see at sea. And that’s enough of that style of writing.

I will say that even though this is shot on a sound stage, the parts at the cliff side, where the Monk is looking out to sea, actually look fairly good. There’s a series of clouds moving behind him (clearly a rotating disk with a cloud pattern), and some nicely staged plants. It looks very convincing. Things do become somewhat less convincing later when we see stock footage of a viking ship, but there you are.

The local Saxons appear to be working an Angle. Ok, they aren’t, but that joke needed to happen, dammit!

There’s an interesting/awkward moment where the Saxons send off Vicki and Steven with “God be with you!” The two don’t appear to know how to respond, so Steven just repeats the line back. Given that they’re both from the future, this makes me wonder if the writer was envisioning an atheistic future?

The vikings have arrived, sans Kirk Douglas. They come ashore and make ready to cause trouble.

Steven and Vicki go up to the abbey, where the Monk lies his face off to them. Steven gets wise to this and prepares a trap for the Monk, who traipses into it. Vicki isn’t convinced the two of them were quite as clever as all that, so…well, we’ll see what happens.

And we get a dramatic Saxon v Viking fight scene! Another one that begs for the Star Trek fight music to be scored over it!

We then have Vicki and Steven finding the Doctor and finding the phonograph the Monk has been using to spoof everyone into thinking the monastery is staffed by more than one person. It’s actually a rather clever idea on the part of the writer, and just adds to the greatness of this story, as does the revelation of exactly what’s inside the Doctor’s cell…

Next time: “A Battle of Wits”


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