Episode 075 – “Journey Into Terror”

So this episode is where things start to get just a little weird.

I’m too tired to be clever here. Just make your own joke.

So here our heroes are in what is possibly the fakiest looking castle ever, complete with a fake bat on a wire. Fortunately, this appears to all be intentionally faked, as we see Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster show up. Yes, this Scooby-Doo moment actually happens in Doctor Who.

I’m not joking about how much this feels like something out of Scooby-Doo. There’s the music, the unconvincing monsters, the weird moving walls, fake-out scares, everything. It’s so silly, but it works surprisingly well.

Turns out that this is some sort of odd dream world. Okee-dokee, then. Our heroes figure they’re safe, since the Daleks shouldn’t be able to enter such a place. But of course the Daleks do. Watching them attempt to fry Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster is rather hilarious.

Hmmm. I notice that the monster took time to put on a jacket for his Dalek destruction. I guess he wanted to keep it formal. He then trashes the shit out of one of the Daleks, so that’s something. We then find out that it wasn’t some strange Land of Fiction (because, really, like Doctor Who would ever have something as silly as that). No, instead it was some amusement park thing.

Team TARDIS finally realizes that Vicki isn’t with them; that they left her behind in the haunted mansion. Fortunately, she was clever enough to stow away on the Dalek ship, so that’s something.

Ah, the stupid Dalek has resurfaced. This creature amuses the hell out of me.

So the Daleks have made a robot duplicate of the Doctor. It seems like such a waste of time when all they had to do was hire Richard Hurndall.

Next time: “The Death of Doctor Who”


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