Episode 074 – “Flight Through Eternity”

Ah, here we get what I think is our first-ever mention of the Dalek Supreme.

He’s just a regular Dalek with sour cream and tomato.

Hmmm. The Doctor is claiming he constructed the TARDIS. Naughty for him to lie.

Ah! This is the episode with the really stupid Dalek who can’t do maths. Now to be fair, neither can I, but I’m not some super-intelligent alien creature who travels around in a computerized battle tank. Still, I guess even Skaro has it’s “special needs” Daleks.

So now the show visits the colonies, as we get our first-ever arrival in America. In New York, to be exact, and like the tourists they are, the TARDIS crew bee-line for the Empire State building. Noobs.

Oh, these fantastic “New York” accents. Sure, much more York than New York, but not nearly as bad as we’re going to get when we arrive on Telos.

So the tour group that was visiting the Empire State building leaves, and the only witness to the arrival of the TARDIS is Jethro Bodine Taylor. I’m not sure who this actor is, but no doubt he never came to much of anything.

Ah, the Marie Celeste scene. A cute one. Really, this episode is full of rather cute little scenes that work better than they should.

This scene is notable for the comedic performances, but also for the fact that it proves the Daleks could “fly” well before “Remembrance of the Daleks”. We see one in a place where it couldn’t be unless it could fly/hover.

Speaking of comedy, oy. The shot of the miniature ship in what I’m sure was a bathtub. Oh, dear.

Next time: “journey into Terror”


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