Episode 073 – “The Death of Time”

In this episode, our heroes meet the Sleestacks.

“And here I thought this would be a routine expedition.”

So the Daleks are zipping around on the beach/desert, trying to find and kill the TARDIS team. Babs and the Doctor hide from them, while Ian and Vicki sigh and pretend to be scared by a tentacle Muppet.

The Sleestacks are a native species who looks quite aquatic, but live in a desert. Apparently the double-suns weren’t terribly friendly to the water supply. How such a species could evolve on a planet where the water is somewhat iffy is best left to your imagination. I guess they live underground now, but still.

Speaking of underground, it’s becoming to expensive to film on location, so we move to a set where the Doctor and Babs hang out for a while in a place that looks vaguely like the interior of an Aztec temple.

Meantime, in a different part of the sound stage, Vicki is climbing and makes it out onto the surface where she sees the Sleestacks and the Daleks digging around the TARDIS. This ends poorly for our alien friends. Interestingly as the Daleks move into position to destroy the TARDIS, one of them hovers briefly. This is less amusing than the stupid Dalek we get later, but still made me chuckle.

Vicki stumbles her way into the same part of the set as the Doctor and Barbara, looking to get help for Ian, who isn’t in the best of shape. This coincides with the Sleestacks saying they’re going to turn over the Doctor and friends to the Daleks. That announcement ends with the Muppet squid breaking down the wall and eating one of the Sleestacks. So that’s fun.

Ian is being clever and talks the Doctor out of his coat for some odd little plan to construct a Dalek trap. Not a bad idea, however this scene features way too many views of the backside of both Ian (ok, I suppose), and the Doctor (yikes!). It does end with a cute scene of everyone taunting the Daleks, trying to lure one into their trap, so that’s amusing.

And with that, our heroes fly off, and the chase is on!

Next time: “Flight Through Eternity”


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