Episode 072 – “The Executioners”

Well, here we are. This is the first episode of the last story to feature Ian and Barbara as companions. Kind of sad. But at least it’s a good story, and here’s a part of it you won’t see on the American DVD!

Ian, putting the “fab” in “Fab Four”

This episode starts in a very interesting way. We have the TARDIS crew basically just relaxing about the ship. The Doctor is puttering with a machine, Babs is making a dress for Vicki, Ian is reading, and Vicki is being bored. But then the Doctor finishes his puttering and things get…well, check the link up above. The use of the device to showcase things like the Gettysburg Address is quite nifty, actually, even if the science behind it is rather hilarious.

So the TARDIS crew arrives on Tattooine and goes wandering about. Ian and Vicki find something sinister to investigate, while the Doctor and Babs spend some time relaxing and suntanning. The fun comes to a halt when the space-time visualizer spots the Daleks plotting against them. So that’s fun.

The Daleks plot and scheme, and then we’re treated to…a shot of a bunch of them going through a doorway. Well, then. Meantime, Ian and Vicki find a ring in the ground. Ian gives it a good pull, and problems occur, including, but not limited to, possible tentacle rape.

We end with a sandstorm and a Dalek rising up out of the dirt. Alright, then.

Next time: “The Death of Time”


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