My Thoughts on Story 015 – “The Space Museum”

Well, that’s that. Our heroes and the Twink Army managed to overthrow the Keystone Guardians and escape the space museum. Eh. It was a story with some good points, but mostly…eh.

Sadly, Charter Options’ 1:1 scale line didn’t sell well.

This story leaves almost no impression. It’s not good, nor bad. It’s neither terrible, nor great. It just is. It isn’t even boring, but it’s also not entertaining. It really isn’t much of anything at all.

It does contain some lovely moments. The Doctor emerging from hiding inside a Dalek shell is fantastic, and there’s some good dialogue in bits. It’s also fun in hindsight to see an actor who later goes on to play Boba Fett.

But really…this is an almost instantly forgettable story. Not much happens, the villains aren’t memorable, the heroes aren’t memorable, and it’s really just rather dull. Which is a shame, because it could have been much more. Still, at least I have “The Chase”, with its retarded Dalek, to look forward to!

  • Richard Shaw — Lobos
  • Ivor Salter — Morok Commander
  • Salvin Stewart — Morok Messenger
  • Peter Diamond — Morok Technician
  • Lawrence Dean, Ken Norris, Salvin Stewart,Peter Diamond, Billy Cornelius — Moroks
  • Peter Sanders — Sita
  • Peter Craze — Dako
  • Jeremy Bulloch — Tor
  • Bill Starkey — Third Xeron
  • Michael Gordon, Edward Granville, Bill Starkey, David Wolliscroft — Xerons
  • Peter Hawkins — Dalek voice
  • Murphy Grumbar — Dalek Operator
Writer Glyn Jones
Director Mervyn Pinfield
Script editor Dennis Spooner
Producer Verity Lambert
Executive producer(s) None
Incidental music composer Stock music
Production code Q
Series Season 2
Length 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Date started 24 April 1965
Date ended 15 May 1965

Next episode: “The Executioners”

Nest story:  “The Chase”


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