Episode 071 – “The Final Phase”

Well, the Doctor is back, and just sort of lying around.

To be fair, he looks like he could use a rest.

Ian is pressuring the scientists/guards to free the Doctor, while Vicki goes off to do something all dangerous and exciting. She’s fairly sanguine about it.

Oh, yes, Barbara is still choking in a gas-filled room. Well, technically all rooms are filled with a gas, unless they’re a vacuum, but you get my point. I’d kind of forgotten about her peril.

The camera gives us a close-up view of the device shown up there; the one the guard-types are working on. This is an error, since in close-up it just looks weird.

The Doctor gets freed, and Hartnell does a good job of acting weak, tired, and generally out of it. Notice that I’m not making a joke here, no matter how tempting that might be. This scene is broken up by the Keystone Guards rather amusingly trying to disarm Ian.

The Twink Army has shown up and are doing their best to start a revolution. With three people. Excellent. Ooops, one gets shot. So there goes 1/3 of the army. This revolution seems unlikely to succeed.

Ian breaks apart the machinery that puts people into stasis, or whatever, though the Doctor points out that they probably have a spare or two lying around. This leads to Babs talking about predestination and causality.

Ok, so the Twink Army appears to be larger than previously expected, though the people they’re fighting really seem to be idiots. Two are shown running from the Twinks, then stop, turn around to look at them, and get shot. This while standing in front of an open doorway to freedom. These are not bright people.

Oh, that cliff-hanger…!

Next time: “The Executioners”


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