Episode 070 – “The Search”

I suspect this is a search for a certain crafty bounty hunter.

“Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?”

So the museum guys are trying to do stuff to the TARDIS, while Babs, Ian and Vicki hide from them. They take a few moments to the prerequisite discussion of causality, but they do it while a man rather patiently holds a gun on them until they’re done talking. A TOS-style fight breaks out and our heroes leg it, perused by what are possibly the stupidest guards in history.

Vicki gets captured by the Twink Army, which is less pleasant for her than it might be for someone like me. Meantime, Ian captures and interrogates one of the guards. No real sign of the Doctor so far in this episode. I’m going to guess Hartnell was out on yet another vacation.

There some to be some minor camera errors in this episode. A man walks into a room, and the camera is completely not pointing at the right place. Very odd.

On another note, the wallpaper is distractedly bad in a couple scenes. It’s rather like someone took the Sixth Doctor’s outfit and said, “Hey, I can work with this.”

Vicki and the Twink Army work to outwit a computer. It’s not quite as good as later, when Zoe talks one to death, but it’s still kind of a neat scene showing the limits of AI.

Next time:  “The Final Phase”


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