Episode 069 – “The Dimensions of Time”

Episode 069. 69. Sixty-nine. *giggle* Get it? Get it?

This lady here. She gets it.

So before we’re reunited with the Doctor and company, we see various museum personnel chatting about goings on and learning about recent arrivals.

Meantime, the Army of Twinks has arrived, led by Boba Fett. I assume they’re out for revenge against whomever it is that gave them their weird-ass eyebrows. Even Shockeye of the Quawcing Grig would be taken aback.

Hold the presses! Ian has lost a button, which gets the Doctor’s attention. I’m sure there’s no way this is going to become significant.

The Twink Army (not to be confused with the KISS Army), captures and quickly loses the Doctor. They run off to find him as we learn, in the most famous shot in the story, that the Doctor is hiding in the Dalek. This is a very amusing scene, not least for Hartnell doing his best Dalek impression.

Watching Ian trying to un-thread fabric with his teeth makes my own teeth tingle just a bit. Nails down a chalkboard as far as I’m concerned.

The Doctor gets captured by the museum people, one of whom interrogates him using some sort of mind scanner. This leads to an amusing scene that certainly earns my SEAL of approval! *falls over laughing*

Next time: “The Search”


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