Episode 068 – “The Space Museum”

Well, now here we are, back in a fully-existing story. Hooray! I’ve only seen it once, but from what I recall, it’s one of the better ones.

Such fashion! Briefly.


We open with our heroes just sort of standing still, but then the director says, “Action!” and we get started. Interestingly, as Babs notes, they’re all wearing their street clothes, instead of their 13th century garb. The Doctor seems uninterested in this, which…seems odd, even for him.

Vicki wanders around the TARDIS a bit as some time weirdness happens, and it’s interesting to realize that in this show with a shoestring budget, we still managed to see more of the TARDIS interior than we saw in the later years; even in the new series.

The Doctor’s blase attitude toward everything that’s going on is a rather odd thing, as I said. It even extends to time running backward long enough for the glass Vicki dropped to mend itself, and even then he doesn’t seem to care. But he’s still young and impetuous, so maybe that’s it.

On a technical note, I do see the Doctor’s shadow on some of the backdrops. I would have thought that the sort of thing that the director would try to avoid.

So Ian’s observation that they’re not leaving in footprints in the dust finally seems to get the Doctor’s attention. Apparently all one has to do is channel Legolas and the Doctor takes interest. Perhaps he’s into the elf-types.

Ian mentions that it’s very unlikely that they’ll ever meet the Daleks again. Oh, someone felt they were being very cute when they wrote that line, given what happens in the very next story.

The bit the transparent TARDIS is interesting, but of course what’s more interesting is the TARDIS crew seeing themselves on display. Vicki offers a very decent explanation of what’s going on, but it basically boils down to, “timey-wimey”.

Next episode: “The Dimensions of Time”


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