Episode 067 – “The Warlords”

So here we are, the final episode of this story! Let’s turn things a bit Shakespearean, shall we?

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent Time Lord?!”

Barbara is facing execution, Ian is still hanging out on the beach, and the Doctor and Vicki are dealing with her being outed as a woman. So fun times for all.

The image of Richard as a reluctant warrior seems a bit rich given what I know of his history. Sure, I could be wrong, but I always had an impression of him as a warmonger, while John had little interest in war.

So now Ian is being menaced by ants following a trail of honey with nibbling on their minds. I’m sure this probably works better with stock footage than it does with still photos. Oddly, the people who did the reconstruction of this episode used stock footage of a bird in flight, so make of that what you will.

I really do find it hard to watch these reconstructions, and I’ll be very happy once there aren’t any more to go through. It’s hard to focus and pay attention.

Anyhow, our heroes escape, and the Crusaders swear an oath to keep their mouths shut, and I yawn. But at least the next three stories are intact!

Next time: “The Space Museum”


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