Episode 066 – “The Wheel of Fortune”

Fans of this blog (hello, both of you!), may have noticed a lack of posting these last few days. Well, I was on vacation, and internet service was iffy, and I was simply exhausted. But that’s ok, because I’m back home, and just in time to see if the Doctor can win fabulous cash and prizes!


Ok, so I remember basically nothing of the previous episode. I read over my recap, which helped a bit, but it’s a reconstruction, and I find it tough to follow those under the best of circumstances, much less when I’m half-asleep from my vacation. But that’s ok, because really, how hard can it be to remember what’s going on?

Most of what’s going on is Babs trying to get away from Saladin, the Doctor getting some clothes, and continuing to try to pass Vicki off as a boy, which…just…doesn’t work. Maureen O’Brien isn’t the precursor to Dolly Parton, but she’s…visible, shall we say. Anyhow, the ruse is rumbled fairly quickly, and one nice payoff to this is that we get a little conversation between Vicki and the Doctor, discussing her presence on the TARDIS, and him showing her genuine affection. It’s very nice to see.

Dick I has a plan to marry off his sister as a way of ending the war. Ok, fine, I’ll call him Richard now, instead of Dick, since he’s making a decent choice here. The Doctor agrees, though one of the knights takes great exception to the idea because of religion.

It’s interesting that this story continues the legend of Richard the Lionheart. From what I understand of history, he spent less than two years actually in England, was generally regarded as a violent lout, and cost the kingdom a small fortune after he got captured. The English love him. By contrast, his brother, John, was intelligent, thoughtful, spent most of his life in England, and, yes, raised taxes very high, but that was to pay for Richard’s ransom. He wasn’t the most politically astute, but he wasn’t a terrible tyrant. Yet he’s far more hated in history than the likes of Matilda or Stephen, who basically destroyed the kingdom between them. This speaks well of Robin Hood’s PR, I suppose.

But I digress. The Muslims seem amenable to Richard’s offer, but are wary and cautious as one should be.

So Barbara has been recaptured. But of a bummer here. Meantime, Ian finally puts in an appearance in this episode. We find him snoozing peacefully as someone steals his sword. Well, oops. Speaking of “oops”, Joanna appears less-than-thrilled at the idea of being married off. She threatens to rat him out to the Pope and I have to say, Glover and Marsh both turn in excellent performances here. Frankly, I would have been happy to watch a series that’s just following these two characters.

Next time: “The Warlords”



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