Episode 065 – “The Knight of Jaffa”

So here we are, back to the reconstructions. At least they’ve been minimal so far. I know it’s going to get real bad when we get to the Second Doctor.

“I’ll be leaving soon. Lord Vader has offered me a new job.”

Jean Marsh has arrived. She’s a lovely woman, who goes on to play Sarah Kingdom and Morgana. She also married Jon Pertwee, so there’s that.

So everyone gets all settled in, with Ian, Vicki and the Doctor, working to ingratiate themselves to the king so that Babs can get rescued. Meantime, Babs herself is busy trying to figure out stories she can tell to keep herself alive.

Ian gets sent on a special mission by King Dick 1, and gets knighted in the process. Kinda neat!

So Barbara is gone, and the only hint Saladin has is a glove. I’ve just finished watching The People vs OJ Simpson, but I think I’m a bit too lazy to work up a joke.

The Doctor wants to be knighted. Vicki thinks this is unlikely. Well, it only took him several lives to make it happen.

That’s really all I have to say about this episode. It was another long day, but I continue to enjoy this story.

Next time: “The Wheel of Fortune”


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