Episode 064 – “The Lion”

Time to begin a whole new story! This particular story, “The Crusade”, is one I’ve never seen before! Let’s experience it together.

Many years later, doing what Richard does would be referred to as a “Dick move”.

The Doctor and company appear to have arrived in Jaffa, circa “a long freaking time ago”. They quickly stumble into an ambush; the Muslims attacking Richard I and his entourage. Things don’t go swimmingly, and soon Babs is prisoner and the Doctor, Ian and Vicki are all trying to find her. Meanwhile, Barbara is taken to the tent of Saladin and compared to Scheherazade.

I do have to stay that at least at the outset, this is a good story. I quite like Bernard Kay as Saladin, and Julian Glover, here playing Richard, is always interesting. I have rather high hopes for this story, and…that’s about it! I’m still on my vacation, so that’s all I’m writing so far.

Next time: “The Knight of Jaffa”


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