Episode 063 – “The Centre”

So here we are. 4:24 in the morning, killing time before my flight, and watching the final episode of this story. Sigh. Let’s get this over with.

It’s the story of how ant and bee teamed up to fight Bill Strutton.

So Vicki and the Doctor have been released from one of only two webs that we’ve seen on this web planet. Meantime, Babs is hanging out with the Mentropa and their tamed Zarbi. As for Ian…what the hell is Ian doing? Oh, yes, something involving the Sid and Marty Kroft Cosplayer Squad. For you younger kids, pretend that I’m mocking them for being less convincing than a Power Rangers monster.

Ok, so watching the Mentropa doing hog callin’ with the Zarbi is kind of hilarious. That’s what I needed for my early morning.

So we have a fight scene between some Mentropa and the Zarbi’s little pet whatsit (a Zarbi larva, apparently), and it’s amazing how much more boring a fight scene can be when there’s no dialogue or emotion involved in any way.

I must say as well that it’s rather amusing seeing one of the Mentropa (or Menoptra, as I only just now learned, six episodes in), who despite my bee jokes are more like moths, reaching toward a bright glow saying, “The light! The light!”

Ha! Again my blu-ray player has shut itself down mid-episode in an effort to spare my sanity. Thanks, LG!

Next time: “The Lion”


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