Episode 061 – “Crater of Needles”

Vortis: location of the epic final battle between bee and ant. But who shall win? I’m not entirely sure, but I know where my money is going.

Ok, so they’re probably moths, and not bees, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of a good joke, dammit!

So Barbara is back. She’s kicking it with a Mentropa, learning about what’s going on and how they and the Zarbi function. It’s kind of interesting to learn little things about the different species, I suppose. But it’s way too little too late.

While this the Doctor and Vicki are…ugh. You know what, I’m done summarizing. I’m just going to stick to mocking, and hating the fact that this story makes me look forward to “Kill the Moon” by the sole virtue that the latter is at least significantly shorter.

A third group of aliens. Fantastic. These ones aren’t terribly bright, or at least, that’s how they’re playing it. I’d like to assume they’re just trolling the others.

Apparently the Mentropa want to destroy the Animus. Bummer deal for Abstergo, but I’m sure they can build a new one.

I will say there is some decent camera work in this story. Again, we get to the fact that the aspiration for this story remains quite impressive. It’s just such a pity that the outcome was this.

The hopping crustaceans really are laughable. The costumes are weak, even by the standards of this story, and the mannerisms are just bizarre.

Oh, a fight is happening. Well, if John Belushi and company can’t win, then something is very wrong!

Next time: “Invasion”


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