Episode 060 – “Escape to Danger”

When last we saw our heroes, the Doctor was about to be on the receiving end of something apparently very nasty.

What? No, not the mind probe.

The probe is, as it turns out, basically just a means of communication. Boring. Things don’t get too much more exciting from here, so the rest of this episode is kind of a struggle to remain awake.

I’ll be honest. I really zoned-out on most of this episode. I recall Ian and the Doctor fiddling with some bit of equipment and then Ian wrestling with a giant ant…or perhaps a gi-ANT? Yes, that’s what I’m reduced to for entertainment here.

Oh, and Vicki is in this story, doing stuff. I don’t recall seeing Barbara, but honestly, I’ve checked out pretty hardcore at this point.

Apparently each side in this little struggle claim that Vortis is their own. Eh. Let’s just dump some Raid there and call it good.

Next time: “Crater of Needles”


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