Episode 059 – “The Zarbi”

Fun fact: the old Wonder Woman TV series once did an episode featuring a woman whose super power was the ability to control ants. So that was a thing. A thing that I’d rather watch than this.

Oh, Formicia. Where are you when we need you?

Last night’s cliffhanger is resolved very quickly when Babs walks around the pool of acid instead of into it. That’s the kind of tension one can expect in this story.

After spending time in the previous episode establishing the importance of wearing their little atmosphere suits, Ian and the Doctor now ditch them fairly quickly. I assume Hartnell and Russell probably hated wearing them.

So the Doctor figures out quickly what planet they’re on, and for some reason Ian asks what galaxy they’re on. I’m guessing he’s about as bored as the rest of us and looking for any kind of distraction.

Meantime Vicki occupies herself by staring at the TARDIS monitor and Barbara is kidnapped by a bunch of early days SNL cosplayers (even found that joke a bit obscure!).

Man, it’s hard to remain focused on this episode. I’m looking for an excuse to do just about anything but look at my TV screen. And almost just as I finished typing that, my blu-ray player, for no reason I can ascertain, just shut itself off. Aw, I appreciate the effort, little guy. It’s nice that you want to protect me. But, alas, we must continue.

Now I see the Doctor is busy rehearsing for his first appearance as an umpire in Yankee stadium. I wonder if they’ll get Enrico Palazzo to sing the national anthem?

Next time: “Escape to Danger”


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