Episode 058 – “The Web Planet”

Alright, Web Planet. I don’t like you, and you don’t like me. But we have to work together here. So let’s just grit our teeth and get through this.

The Web Planet 7
I bet she wishes they hadn’t paid their license fee.

This is such an odd and terrible story, and it didn’t need to be. Everything about it is ambitious and what they try to do is very impressive. But, man, it really doesn’t work.

First off, much of the “exterior” sets look just terrible. Especially the shots of planets/moons in the sky. Kudos for trying to show a very alien environment, but the next time you do, don’t apply an entire jar of Vaseline onto the lenses. Then there’s the sound effects. It’s like some 1980s video game, and not one of the good ones.

There is some good stuff in this first episode. The attempts at science, with the Doctor and Ian wearing special jackets, is neat, and I like Vicki’s explanation of how kids in the future learn. Babs’ bit of sarcasm is welcome, too, as is the scene of the Doctor giggling at how clever he is.

But my enjoyment, such as it is, of this episode, is tempered by knowledge of what’s to come…

Next time: “The Zarbi”


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