Episode LVI – “De Coniuratione”

Sunt qui audeat dicere coniuratio!

Stwike him, Centuwion! Stwike him vewy woughly!

In hanc rem opus est numerus “Billy Flubs” admiratio. Im ‘non certus quantum serie temporis ipse in hoc tempore , tamen suus’ forsit expendere tempus ipsum aut res subtracta a praesentibus.

So Nero gets to meet Babs, and is quite taken with her, it seems. Can’t fault the man for taste, I suppose, though his wife seems quite willing to do so.

Vicki is, meantime, hanging out with the official court poisoner. So that’s an interesting job. One has to wonder what career path would bring someone to such a position in life.

Well, we now enter the comedic sex farce portion of our story, with Nero chasing Barbara and her trying to avoid him. There are some Scooby-Doo doorway bits, and for the most part, it actually works.

Vicki apparently has this rather flawed master plan to poison Nero. The Doctor seems to believe this might alter history a tad, and I think I might have to take his side on this one. I can kind of understand Vicki’s thinking here, but it was just a tad irresponsible.

The Doctor has to put on a performance where he plays the lyre. He bluffs his way through. I do wonder how old “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is as a story, because that’s basically what he does here, and I’d think people would have gotten wise to that one ages ago.

And our story ends with a gladiatorial fight…more or less.

Next time: “Inferno”


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