Episode 055 – “All Roads Lead to Rome”

Ut res discunt, omnes viae Romam ducunt.

I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome named Biggus Dickus.

So we start with the Doctor defeating the would-be assassin, and then going on a crazy ego trip, which is rather amusing, though perhaps not as funny as Vicki thinks. Probably never hurts to suck up to the boss.

There really are a large number of Billy Flubs in this episode. Hartnell probably needs a vacation. Again.

I do rather like that it’s pretty clear, without being spoken, what kind of slavery Babs can look forward to. At least she’s not stuck in a galley like Ian. Though did the Romans generally use actual slaves for this purpose? Wouldn’t they have used soldiers who can then fight after ramming an enemy ship? I do know their navy kind of sucked.

Hey, Wikipedia knows all.

In Roman times, reliance on rowers of free status continued. Slaves were usually not put at the oars, except in times of pressing manpower demands or extreme emergency.

So there we go. That said, it makes for decent drama. Though I also notice the rowers aren’t very well synced.

Now Nero has swanned onto the scene and pretty instantly steals the spotlight with some rather over-the-top comedy, and he’ll continue to steal it for the next two episodes!

And we end today with a very American-sounding guard and some stock footage of animals!

Next time: “Conspiracy”


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