Episode 054 – “The Slave Traders”

Here we are, at the start of the story known as “The Romans”. And I promise, absolutely promise, that I won’t make any Life of Brian jokes. Well, not many, anyhow. Certainly not one in each caption.

So you are a Woman?

Our heroes have arrived here and gotten their hands on a villa. They’re basically relaxing and having a good time, as one might in Rome. The Doctor is watering plants, Ian is feasting upon grapes, and Babs and Vicki are exploring the local village. We also learn they’ve been in the area for almost a month now. That’s one thing I kind of miss about these older stories; they weren’t afraid of the stories taking many months to unfold.

As the ladies walk, we see a man sharpening his gladius. Ah, but, I say to myself, it’s my understanding that those weren’t generally sharpened on the sides! Only the pointy bit was sharp. Silly BBC. Or silly me if I’m completely wrong, which is entirely possible.

So an old man gets killed for his loot. Or is it a lyre? Hard to be sure. Yes, that’s a terrible joke, but this is a comedy story, so I’m allowed.

Vicki makes the point that it’s actually pretty boring living in this villa, which as someone used to having access to all that the 21st century offers is something that I can understand.

I do believe this is the first “Chesterfield” incident, and Ian quoting Shakespeare is amusing.

So Ian and Barbara have been captured to be sold as slaves. Awkward. Also, a bad guy gets an actual “dum, dum, DUM!” on the soundtrack. Fantastic.

Next episode: “All Roads Lead to Rome”


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