Episode 052 – “The Powerful Enemy”

Susan is gone, long live Vicki (which is not short for Victoria)! For the first time since the TARDIS left Earth way back in episode one, our happy crew takes on a new passenger. Say hello to Vicki Lastname!

Palister, according to later sources, though it’s never said on screen.

We begin with a shot of a crashed spaceship, and I must say that if nothing else, we can be grateful to Star Trek for changing the way we think a spaceship can look. At this point in sci-fi, it’s basically just a crashed Apollo rocket, which seems a bit unambitious. But on the other hand, if it didn’t look like that, how would people know it was a spaceship?

it seems Vicki is trapped on a strange planet with a man named Bennett and is awaiting the arrival of a rescue ship. Meantime, the TARDIS comes in for a landing; one that the Doctor sleeps through, which startles both Ian and Barbara.

There is a nice little scene that’s just slightly heartbreaking. The Doctor and friends are getting ready to leave the ship, and the Doctor reflexively asks for Susan to do something before stopping and staring into middle distance. The show never really spends too much time reminding us of her, but this little moment was nice.

The TARDIS has landed in a cave. Oddly, the doctor goes back inside for a nap while letting Ian and Babs go wandering off on their own. Seems more than a bit strange, but while Ian and Barbara comment on it, neither does anything.

We also see our enemy: a strange-looking alien creature, which really looks quite a bit like a man in a mask. Remember that.

Our alien pal soon menaces Ian and Barbara; the latter to the point where she tumbles off a cliff. He then somehow causes a cave-in. Well, then. After that he goes to annoy and frighten Vicki.

The less said about the strange creature the Doctor and Ian find in the cave, the better. So that’s all I’ll say about it.

Next time: “Desperate Measures”


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