Episode 051 – “Flashpoint”

Well, here we go. We all know what this episode is leading up to, so let’s get started with it.

No joke here. Goodbye, Susan.

Yes, it’s Susan’s final regular appearance in Doctor Who, though she did appear later in “The Five Doctors” and several Big Finish audio stories.

So someone up us the bomb around Ian, who doesn’t appear to be in a happy mood as he tries to “red wire, or blue wire” his way out of the situation. Still, he manages to escape, as we knew he would.

Babs and her friend are, meantime, plotting against the Daleks within earshot (or…whatever), of them. Which seems odd, especially since there’s a Dalek who hears them and tells them to shut up rather than simply killing them.

Watching Barbara confuse the Daleks with mangled history is rather impressive, and very amusing. As is the “kindle refrain from calling me Doc!” moment.

I see Mr Rumbold survived the story! Good for him! I’m sure he has a great future ahead of him.

So the Daleks are defeated and we move on to the moment in the episode. That wonderful moment when the Doctor bids farewell to Susan and David. It is rightly one of the more famous moments in the early years of the series.

It is a rather odd choice for the Doctor to abandon his granddaughter, who might actually only be about fifteen or sixteen, depending, on a planet that’s just getting over a war. The dust hasn’t even settled, and he’s gone, leaving her behind with an older man.

It’s a great and wonderful scene provided you don’t think about it too hard. All that said, I’m very glad they actually spent some story time toward the end building up to it, and giving Susan a proper goodbye; certainly a better one than, say, Dodo would get later.

Next time: “The Powerful Enemy”


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