Episode 049 – “End of Tomorrow”

So there’s a bomb and it’s about to go off, but my mind is elsewhere. I’m not sure why.

But let’s not dick around.

So David drops some acid and disarms the bomb. Not a bad idea. I’m watching this episode with a friend and he pointed out that the acid scene was filmed outside, which I didn’t notice at first. The whole “video tape indoors, film outdoors” thing does take some getting used to.

I’ll pay a dollar to anyone who can explain the VETOED signs everywhere. It’s really driving me bonkers. Signs! Signs! Everywhere signs!

So Ian and some rebel scum are running around a mining and construction site. There’s some equipment that says “EARTH MOVER”. Ah, foreshadowing.

So Mr Rumbold has arrived. He looks a little odd out fighting the Daleks instead of confusing Menswear, but there you are. Actually, the actor does a very good job of assuming a completely different accent from what he did in Are You Being Served? On a side note, Nicholas Smith, the actor in question, died just a few weeks ago. So sad.

David’s trying to suggest Susan should stay behind to help rebuild Earth. I’m sure that would never happen.

The Slither makes a really weird sound. I can’t decide if it’s unsettling or just funny, but it certainly is odd. The costume, however…hilarious!

Next time: “The Waking Ally”


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