Episode 047 – “The Daleks”

Well, after the last episode’s final shot, we now have the Daleks zipping all around London, living the jetsetting life.


I’m very amused that when the Doctor and Ian are talking, the Dalek is all like, “I can totally hear you, dudes.” That’s something that doesn’t happen often enough.

I also like that by the time the Doctor and company arrive, the invasion and conquest are a done thing. Oh, sure there’s an insurgency going on, but for the most part, the people are beaten, and thoroughly so. The Doctor is too late to save the day.

I’m also fond of the way the Daleks took over. They bombarded with meteors and viruses to weaken the populace, and then moved in.

The bomb the wheelchair guy makes confuses me. Sure, it’s a bomb, and it’ll destroy Daleks, and all that. But…what’s the point when you have only one? Wouldn’t it make more sense to build several and then attack? Ok, so when the attack happens we see that maybe they have several bombs, but that’s far from clear prior to that.

Overall this episode isn’t as good or as gripping as the previous one, but it’s far from bad, and does a good job of setting up things for later.

Next time: “Day of Reckoning”


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