Episode 044 – “Dangerous Journey”

So when last we saw our heroes, they were being menaced by a cat. They get past that by treating it like a T-rex. So that’s a thing.

As are the sets in this story, which are actually pretty well done.

So our slimy corporate executive is trying to get away with murder, but gets called out on it pretty much instantly. That’s good to see, and may I say, wow, this story is a bit gruesome with all the corpse and stuff.

There is an interesting ethical discussion that starts, but doesn’t really conclude, and just sort of peters out. But the question is: is sacrificing one life worth it to potentially save millions. The “potentially” part is the interesting part, and sadly, the show doesn’t really deal with it much.

I quite like Ian being a bit stoked to realize that he’s in a lab, and interacting with large-scale versions of things he normally handles with a finger or two. Though it is a bit sad that’s he stoked that he doesn’t pick up on what Babs is not telling him.

As a second act, this episode isn’t bad, but that’s about all that I have to say about it. On to part three!

Next time: “Crisis”


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