Episode 039 – “A Change of Identity”

So through some very lucky coincidences, our heroes are able to escape from their imprisonment, and the Doctor moves up in the world.

Dat hat, doe.

Note to dictators planning to rule by terror: making your staff so terrified that they don’t do their jobs right is not a formula for success. A great example is the jailer, who is so afraid of disappointing the person in charge that he runs off and leaves his keys in the lock.

Barbara and Susan certainly aren’t in happy places in this story. I must say that both Hill and Ford to an excellent job of selling their peril and despair. Later, Hill gets to spend some time flirting up a storm, and doing an excellent job of that.

The Doctor’s ability to get some new clothes is rather interesting, especially in his ability to barter one outfit for another. Well, an outfit and a ring. Still, not bad.

Ian really takes his time escaping, doesn’t he? Better safe, I suppose.

This story continues to flow nicely. There’s plenty of excellent acting, and a great plot, and at least thus far, the story doesn’t feel padded in any way. I know that for many people, the historicals are boring. But this one is very good and far from boring.

As I say, thus far. Check with me again after the last episode.

Next time: “The Tyrant of France”


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