Episode 038 – “Guests of Madame Guillotine”

This whole story leaves me with a sudden desire to take up knitting. I hear the De Farge School of Knitting is a good course.

“And that, dear boy, is what we call a desperate, failed attempt at humor.”

So the house the Doctor was in was burning, and he gets saved by the kid above, who is credited as “Small Boy”. Fantastic.

Beyond that, this whole story kind of reeks of Sydney Carton and company. Not in a bad way, it must be said, but, boy, there’s a lot of things that really remind me of that other tale.

So, huh. There’s some actual outside location shooting in this episode. I could be mistaken, but is it perhaps the first outside shooting the series has done? I mean, it’s really only the Doctor walking through a field, as well as through the last scene of The Third Man, but still.

The Doctor leading a little escape attempt against a man who looks like he’s a Mexican extra in some Italian western is rather amusing.

Overall, a good entry in a good story.

Next time: “A Change of Identity”


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