Episode 036 – “A Desperate Venture”

For our last episode in this rather dull story, our TARDIS Team disappears into the aqueduct.

“What would you prefer? A Life of Brian joke, or a Third Man joke?”

So Babs is back, which pleases me. It’s very nice to see her again. Also, it’s rather fun to see Not-Richard Hammond up and running around, doing stuff. Also…these Sensorites kind of suck at being bad guys.

Argh. The rocket designs on the uniform actually ended up being a vaguely useful thing to the show’s plot. That’s mildly irritating.

Susan’s description of Gallifrey, which features orange skies and silver leaves, is kind of interesting. It gives us the idea that she and the Doctor both come from a very alien, very different kind of place. Mind you, every time we see it in the old series, there’s a remarkable lack of orange skies and silver leaves.

Our story ends with the Doctor being a bit of a dick toward Ian for no obvious reason. So…that happened. And now we’re on our way to France!

Next time: “A Land of Fear”



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