Episode 032 – “The Unwilling Warriors”

So I guess I can kind of see the whole Ood thing in the design of the Sensorites. If I squint hard. And get drunk.

I was going to make a reference to the Great Carnac, but would any of you get it?

I find the sci fi idea of psychic powers to be really stupid. It’s basically magic, with no real explanation, and it turns up just about everywhere. How would it evolve? How would it function? What mechanism in the brain would make it work? Never explained. Just magic. So annoying.

The Sensorites themselves are kind of dull so far. But again, at least it’s different from much of what else was being done with sci fi on TV at the time.

“Molybdenum”. The man can’t say “anti-radiation gloves”, but has no trouble with molybdenum.

Hmmm. One of the astronauts looks like Richard Hammond

Next time: “Hidden Danger”


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