Episode 031 – “Strangers in Space”

So we leave the historicals for a while and move fully back into the realm of science fiction.


There is a nice moment at the beginning where our team takes a moment to recap their adventures, and realize just how far they’ve come and how much they’ve changed. I like that. From there we go to a strange spaceship full of dead people and an explanation of self-winding watches.

I also kind of like the idea that we’re far enough into the future that things are starting to get  very different from the present. One thing I’ll never fault the old series for is their attempts at showing very different futures and alien worlds. Compare that to a lot of other shows, where someone might also a few Chinese characters on the side of a space craft (with no Chinese characters actually in the space craft), and call it a day.

Apropos of nothing, but I just remembered that the Ood were supposed to be from near the Sense Sphere.

Man, that final shot…

Next time: “The Unwilling Warriors”


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