Episode 030 – “The Day of Darkness”

And so our visit to Aztec Mexico winds down. Will our heroes live? Will the bad guys be punished? Will we get an interesting, but somehow lacking, fight scene?

Take a wild guess.

Ian’s dilemma with the water is resolved annoyingly quick. He gets his feet damp, and that’s about it. I’m ok with them not dragging it out, but really?

So now Tloxotl starts to get really evil. The amusing thing is that he and the TARDIS Team both want the same thing: for our heroes to leave. If only he knew how easy that could be to accomplish.

Again I do remain impressed by the costumes in this story. They really are well done and look fantastic. I imagine they were probably great in color.

The final scene where the Doctor and Barbara chat about what happened is rather nicely done. I’m glad they took some time to discuss things.

And now, on to our next story!

Next time: “Strangers in Space”


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