Episode 029 – “The Bride of Sacrifice”

More garden-based conspiracies. Maybe this idea will catch on after all!

Though I suppose that in a pinch, you could just conspire openly.

I do find many things about this episode to be interesting. I like the theological discussions, for example. We all know that Western religions have their little sects and divisions, but it’s neat to be reminded that other religions did, too.

The highlight of this episode, of course, is the Doctor and his Aztec lady sharing cocoa. The two actors have a lovely chemistry, and it’s wonderful fun to see them on screen together.

I’m also quite pleased at Ian and Barbara’s conversation about Aztec culture and religion. It’s also nice to see her finally learning that doing the right thing for the right reasons doesn’t always work.

Tloxotl is an interesting character, and I haven’t said as much about him as I should. Not really evil, per se, and practically a good guy by the standards of his religion, and like any well-written villain, he believes he’s the hero of the story. I like that he’s basically right about everything he says with regard to false gods. He is, however, a dick.

“I made some cocoa and got engaged.” Such a wonderful line, and such a great delivery.

Next time: “The Day of Darkness”


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