Episode 028 – “Warriors of Death”

So, apparently it’s a bad idea to impersonate a god, even by accident, and it’s a really bad idea to interfere with native culture. Lesson learned!

Conspiring in a garden? I don’t see it catching on.

Another thing we learn here is that Ian is schooled in Vulcan defense techniques. This is quite amusing, given that  Star Trek  wasn’t even in production yet.

I like that the Doctor makes it very clear that Barbara’s plan was quite literally worse than doing nothing. Not only did she fail to save the man, but she humiliated him, cost the team their status, and put everyone in danger.

Hartnell really does some of his best acting of the series in this story, especially in this episode. He takes Babs to task and flirts with an Aztec pensioner with equal aplomb.

There’s an impressive amount of Aztec cultural information transmitted in this episode, which I rather like. Clearly much research was done, and it shows. The increased budget shows here, too. People praise “Marco Polo”, and rightly so, but this story also has much going for it when it comes to production design.

On a side note, would someone out there please get the video of Ian and Ixta fighting and overlay the Trek  fight music? It needs to happen.

Next time: “The Bride of Sacrifice”


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