Episode 027 – “The Temple of Evil”

Scheming priests, strong warriors, and a city of noble savages! It’s time to set the Wayback for Aztec Mexico, where live is cheap, blood flows like blood, and a white person is mistaken for a deity.

Something that will never backfire on them.

The story moves very quickly. Just within the first episode, we have a brief discussion of Aztec history and culture, and Barbara, as mentioned, bring mistaken for a goddess. Due to that status, she quickly decides to end the practice of human sacrifice, and we get our first conversation on changing history.

Barbara’s attempt at doing so fails, and does so rather dramatically. I like that, and I like the notion that one can’t change history. Yes, this is something the show only pays attention to when convenient, but I’m glad they addressed the issue early on.

In the meantime, how great is Tlotxl? Shakespeare would have loved this guy.

Next time: “The Warriors of Death”


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