Episode 026 – “The Keys of Marinus”

Our story begins to wind down, as our heroes continue their legal struggle, rescue Susan, and gather the final Segment Key of Marinus.

Also, these guys are in the story. Remember these guys?

The first portion of this episode ties up the story from the previous episode. That frankly drags on much longer than it needed to. But at least it does come to a reasonably satisfying conclusion.

Once all is settled, everyone goes back to Marinus, and we find the Voord running the place. One of them is wearing Arbitan’s robe, which is not not creepy. There’s a whole scene of threats and menace and then a brief amusing moment with our heroes.

Soon the Voord are defeated and our heroes fly off. The resolution annoys me slightly due to its rushed nature. The previous episode’s story should have been tied up in that episode, rather than be allowed to take up the first third of this one.

Still, it’s a decent enough end to a good, solid serial, and the only thing that pleases me more than that is knowing what comes next.

Next time: “The Temple of Evil”


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