Episode 025 – “Sentence of Death”

So I’m lying in bed, ready to sleep, and then realize, “Whoops!” And now I’m in the living room, dressed for sleep, and watching this. Fun times.

No doubt a long, legalistic monologue delivered by William Hartnell will keep me awake.

This time Team TARDIS gets to deal with a trial where Ian is facing a…well, they said the title in the thing. The Doctor acts as the defense.

It is kind of interesting to ponder the difference between a legal system where innocence is the presumption, as it should be, versus the one down here, and in many dystopias, where guilt is assumed. Of course, even in the U.S., it’s a hard sell to most people that someone is assumed innocent until proven otherwise.

So in this little locked room mystery, it turns out there may have been a third man. I knew Harry Lime somehow got away!

This is an interesting episode, and I kind of line the courtroom scenes. Every sci fi series feels the need to do at least one of these, and for the most part, they tend to work well. This one is no exception.

On a final note, those judge hats are fantastic.

Next time: “The Keys of Marinus”


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