Episode 024 – “The Snows of Terror”

We join our party as they journey through the frozen land of Nador, where they were forced to eat Robin’s minstrels.

And there was much rejoicing. (yay)

I have to say that the wind in this puts me in mind of Chekov blowing into his communicator. And, really, Ian does not look well-dressed to handle the winter, or come to that, a gentle spring day in London.

Our resident crazy mountain man seems to be right out of Central casting, which is no bad thing. He has a name, but I’m going to call him Trapper John, because that amuses me.

It’s good to see Barbara fight back against Trapper John. I picture Susan meeting him and just breaking down, whereas Babs fights back. Tip to women, and everyone else, be Barbara, not Susan.

Wow, the wall that bridge was mounted to wasn’t very stable, was it? One seldom sees actual wobbly sets, despite the series’ reputation, but goodness!

Anyhow, after being tricked by Trapper John, our party wanders into an obvious trap. They tamper with some pipes and to the surprise of no one, some statues come to life. This is why every party needs a good rogue. I note that there is no explanation for who these guys are. I assume a group of LARPers just got lost.

Trapper John gets killed and our party escapes after somehow not setting fire to a tavern. They find themselves at the scene of a crime, setting the stage for an exciting trial! Best hope someone put a few skill points in Knowledge (Law).

I liked this episode. It goes nicely, the threat is easily understood, and it has a satisfying conclusion. I particularly liked the look on Ian’s face as he watched one of the knights fall screaming to his death. That kind of reaction sadly not often shown in modern Who.

Next time: “Sentence of Death”


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