Episode 023 – “The Screaming Jungle”

Having left town, the party splits up, and promptly gets into trouble outside of what appears to be a temple that is possibly filled with some sort of elemental evil.

“Why does Power Word: Kill take up nine pages? Isn’t it just one word?”

You know, I could do without Susan constantly breaking down into a crying mess. It’s really getting old. She does it here twice in the first five minutes. This from a girl who is likely way older than she appears and has been raised with a strong scientific background.

Anyhow, our heroes discover that they have a fake segment in their Key to Time, and then get to meet the Old Man from Scene 24. Ian frees him from an assassin vine by smacking some wood with a sword, hitting it nowhere near said vine. Excellent.

I don’t really have too much else to say about this episode. It’s pretty good and ends on a decent cliffhanger.

Next time: “The Snows of Terror”


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