Episode 022 – “The Velvet Web”

Team TARDIS uses their vortex manipulators and wind up in…well, a rather pleasant place, where we learn Ian is familiar with the story of Persephone.


So our crew arrives in a place where everyone is catering to the every whim of the Doctor and company. Only Ian is suspicious, though even he begins to fold after a bit, and takes a nap along with everyone else. I’m not surprised they’re tired. They’ve had a busy last several months!

The staging and camera work when Barbara wakes up is impressive. It’s first-person, and works very well, particularly as the bad guy advances on her.

The Morbius wanna-bes don’t quite work out that well on screen, though I suppose they did what they could.

This is a bit of a weird episode, but it pretty much works, and the anthology feeling to this story as a whole works better than one might expect. Though at the end, the party splits up. The DM is not going to be happy.

Next time: “The Screaming Jungle”


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