Episode 021 – “The Sea of Death”

Well, here we go. A little series of fetch quests to keep Team TARDIS busy!


I can’t tell you how nice it is to be back to moving pictures! It just makes the story flow so much better. My takeaway from last week is that audio-only is fine, if the script is written that way. Otherwise…no.

A glass beach with acid seas. An interesting concept. I’m not sure if it’s scientifically possible. I’d imagine all the glass would erode into…well…sand.

Barbara mentions the civilizations of Central America. Foreshadowing?

The Voord turn up in a comic book by Grant Morrison, where he claims they’re the progenitors of the Cybermen. Not, I feel, his best work.

Also, George Colourius plays the quest giver in this story, but I’ll always remember him as Charles Kane’s foster father. He rally needs to have a question mark over his head.

One last thought. “So that’s what an invisible barrier looks like.”

Next episode: “The Velvet Web”


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