Episode 020 – “Assassin at Peking”

And so it rolls to a end. Our seven episode journey concludes here. But does it conclude strongly?


So the Doctor and the Khan play backgammon in this story. I don’t think I’ve ever actually played it. Anyway, the two men play for stakes in this episode and the Doctor loses. Oops.

The Khan’s wife is…interesting. I think she’s his wife, anyhow. She’s no Boretai, though, and I suspect she wouldn’t have lasted a minute among the Mongols.

Ping-Cho’s would-be husband dies in this episode, which is a pointless twist, since we’ve never met him and know nothing of him. She seems a bit baffled by the plot twist as well.

I think I’ll conclude here by saying that a sword fight done with a soundtrack and still photos is not, perhaps, as exciting as one might wish. This makes me look with apprehension toward “The Crusade” and “The Myth Makers”, which I’m willing to bet feature a bit of swordplay.

Tomorrow I’ll have my full impression of the story itself, but for now let me just say that I’m very glad we’re out of China.

Next time: “The Sea of Death”


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