Episode 016 – “Five Hundred Eyes”

The previous episode lied to me! “Five Hundred Eyes”, indeed! I feel as betrayed as Marco probably will be the end of this. That Tegana! What a scamp!


So I liked the idea of condensation forming inside the TARDIS, and that being used as a way to give people water. It was also a cute way of slipping in some more educational information. Having mention of the Asassins and their drug is kind of neat.

I must say that as I watch this, I learn of the real difference between simply having a soundtrack of something made for tv, and listening to something like a Big Finish audio. The latter is purpose built, while the former, not surprisingly, relies heavily on images. One can generally follow along with what’s going on, and the pictures help, but it’s just kind of a slog.

This episode drags a bit once our crew gets to the town and Barbara wanders off. Still, it isn’t a bad installment overall.

Next time: “The Wall of Lies”


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