Episode 012 – “The Edge of Destruction”

Submitted for your approval. Four travelers in space and time, trying to find their way home after defeating an evil alien menace. They’re tired, overworked, and in need of rest. But that rest will have to wait as they experience a layover in…The Twilight Zone.

Admit it. The theme music is playing in your head now.

This is such an interesting and daring story, especially so early in the series. This is only the twelfth episode, and we’re getting into some strange stuff.

Our characters wake up after being knocked unconscious, with only Barbara left unaffected. Soon Susan begins behaving strangely, as does Ian, and the Doctor. Paranoia spreads, and Susan stabs a bed. No long after clocks begin to melt.

Yeah, it’s one of those sorts of episodes, and it works way better than it should. Everyone acts the Hell out of this script, particularly the two Williams. It’s also nice to have a bit of a tour of the TARDIS, and that cliffhanger…certainly one of the best ones! Such a good setup for the next episode.

Next time: “The Brink of Disaster”


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