My Thoughts on Story 002 – “The Daleks”

As a four part story, “The Daleks” crackles with life and energy, and entertainment that puts it up among the best of  Doctor Who.

Such a shame that the story has seven parts…


The first four parts really are good. The dialogue is sharp, the action is tense, and the Daleks themselves are menacing, and interesting; and quite unlike anything else on tv.

But then there are the other three parts. The story should have ended with Ian or the Doctor giving a stirring speech to the Thalls, and then leaving as the camera pans to show a look of determination on every Thall face.

Instead we get a long, winding hike through Skaro’s lake district and several scenes that Terry Nation just clearly wasn’t into.

Those first four episodes, though, really are very well done, and among the best of the early series, so well done there. Now let’s move on, and focus on the positive.

Writer Terry Nation
Director Christopher Barry (episodes 1,2,4,5)
Richard Martin (episodes 3,6,7)
Script editor David Whitaker
Producer Verity Lambert
Mervyn Pinfield (associate producer)
Executive producer(s) None
Incidental music composer Tristram Cary
Production code B
Series Season 1
Length 7 episodes, 25 minutes each
Date started 21 December 1963
Date ended 1 February 1964

Next story: The Edge of Destruction


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