Episode 009 – “The Expedition”

Join us for a jolly jaunt! A great expedition across the wilds of Skaro! Thrill to the strange beasts made of metal! Watch in wonder as we travel through forests of stone! Be amazed at the view of the world through the eye-stalk of a Dalek! All this, and more!


This particular episode is a bit of a slog. It isn’t bad, but it drags quite a bit. We have discussions on philosophy, Daleks talking science, and a walk around a lake. Important things happen, but not in the most thrilling way.

Still, there are some real highlights. Ian’s efforts to goad the Thalls into fighting are quite interesting and well done, and I like that their leader is smart enough to know that that’s what’s going on.

I also very much like the Dalek Cam, at least the first time it’s used. Showing the view a Dalek has as it suffers from poisoning is quite nifty.

But really, that’s it for the highlights here. Much of the interesting parts could have been better used in a different episode, and maybe we could have trimmed the serial by an episode or two.

Next time: “The Ordeal”


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