Episode 007 – “The Escape”

Susan makes it back, we meet a mutant, marvel at Susan’s interesting handwritting, and get an idea of what’s inside a Dalek! Hint: not ice cream.


Again, another episode where a fair amount happens. This and the preceeding episode really are quite good; it isn’t until later that the story loses focus and we start wondering if seven parts was really a good idea.

It’s nice to see what later became a trend in the series: the Doctor and his companions using their brains rather than violence to get out of a situation. In this case, using mud and a jacket to ambush a Dalek, and doing that after they used said brains to figure out that the Daleks are somehow powered by static electricity.

The cluelessness of the Thalls is interesting, but also understandable. Here are a people tired of conflict, and desperate to survive. It makes sense that they’d cling to any hope, even one involving Daleks. I wonder how that’ll turn out for them? Maybe the title of the next episode will give us a clue.

Next time: “The Ambush”


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