Episode 006 – “The Survivors”

In this episode, we meet the Daleks, Ian gets all leggy, and we learn the importance of anti-radiation gloves! Sit back and enjoy, because it’s Dalek time!


This episode is notorious for containing one of the most famous “Billy flubs” in the form of the “anti-radiation gloves” quote up there. You know, it really does astound me just how old Hartnell is in this story. He’s only 11 or so years older than I am, but he seems way older, and not just because he’s acting older. It’s an odd thing I’ve noticed during the last few years. People in their forties now just don’t look as old as people in their forties did back in the 1960s. It’s strange, but true.

Anyhow, the episode itself is decent, and one of the best of this story. Our characters are being intelligent, and trying to think their way out of peril, while at the same time their bodies are giving out on them. The Doctor is still being a petulant brat, but has started to realize there may be consequences to his actions. And Susan, for all the screaming she does when running through the forrest, gets to be brave and do something, which is nice.

As for the Daleks themselves, well, this is their first big reveal. I really want to know what it was like for the average young child in England watching this episode when it was first broadcast. They did they find the Daleks scary or intimidating? I never have, nor has anyone I know, but presumably someone must.

In this episode they aren’t especially menacing, but they are very different from anything that was on TV at the time (or since, really), and we do see something extremely sinister about them in their behaviors. The story ends with a set up for next time, as Susan races to get the gloves drugs back to her friends!

Next time: “The Escape”


2 thoughts on “Episode 006 – “The Survivors”

  1. I can’t help you on the ‘young child’ and Dalek question, I’m afraid as I was 14, almost 15, at the start of 1964… Memory is a bit hazy, too after all that time, but I seem to recall thinking they were an interesting change from the standard Man in Rubber Suit monster – and not a humanoid robot! I am still faintly mind-boggled that they are popular… Some ten years ago, July 2006, I was doing some supply teaching and while on playground duty I was confronted with a line of boys marching Cyberman fashion in lockstep while chanting ‘Delete’ while advancing on a bunch of less organised boys holding one arm out and doing a decent ‘Exterminate’ response. I was greatly cheered by that – though Cybermen and daleks have tended to be among my least favourite regular monsters.

    As for Hartnell’s age – remember the War! When i moved back to London in 1967, only a few years on, large areas of the city had still not been rebuilt after the Blitz. Many had been bulldozed flat and were used as car parks but the scars were still there – and perhaps Hartnell’s apparent age may have been the result of his wartime experiences. He seems to have had a nervous breakdown in the early forties. I may, of course, be talking rubbish.

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    • That is all very fascinating. Yeah, I kind of forget the toll the war took on everyone. Here it didn’t do any physical damage, but certainly had a huge impact on everyone, as did the Great Depression right before it.


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