Episode 004 – “The Firemakers”

Back in the day, Austria, I believe it was, was helped by another country. I want to say the other country was Russia, but I could be wrong. Regardless, there came a time when that other country needed help, and reminded the Austrians of their obligation to return the favor. The reply they gave was, “We shall astonish the world with our ingratitude.” Clearly, someone in their government was a direct descendant of a certain caveman…


And so we end this first full story of the series. It’s a decent enough ending, I suppose, with a fight scene that begs-begs-to be reedited with the Star Trek fight music.

The story contains certain valuable lessons on the making of fire, the importance of teamwork, and why one shouldn’t always trust people, or rather, should trust, but be cautious.

I quite liked the scene of the Doctor proving that Kal’s knife was the one that was used to kill the old woman, and Ian’s quote about the tribe being stronger than Kal was a good one. The use of the fire skulls was also particularly strong.

Overall, this is an acceptable ending to an acceptable story, but one that’s certainly not as good as the one after it or the one that came before it, should you choose to count in that fashion.

Our story ends with the TARDIS in some new place, with a radiation meter that frankly goes bonkers. Well, I’m sure that won’t end up being important.

Next time: “The Dead Planet”


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